The Kentucky Center for Statistics (KYSTATS) collects and links data to evaluate education and workforce efforts in the Commonwealth. This includes developing reports, responding to research requests, and providing statistical data about these efforts so policymakers, agencies, and the general public can make better informed decisions.

Labor Force Update

April 2021

The Labor Force Update highlights recent data releases from the Labor Market Information section of KYSTATS and elsewhere.

Economic Activity Report

March 2021

This interactive report allows users to explore economic trends among industries, business establishments, and individuals in Kentucky.

2019 Life Outcomes with High School Experiences for 2015 Graduates

March 2021

This interactive report is part of the Life Outcomes Series and examines the relationship of high school experiences and 2019 educational outcomes for 2015 high school graduates.

Career and Technical Education Feedback Report

March 2021

This interactive report examines high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) trends in Kentucky and its association with employment and postsecondary outcomes later in life. New for this year the report displays training locations and future demand for employment.

Kentucky Workforce Dashboard

March 2021

The Kentucky Workforce Dashboard is a user-friendly tool that local workforce areas can use to inform the impact of services in their area.

Civilian Labor Force Report

March 2021

This interactive report allows users to explore estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program and the Current Population Survey (CPS).

County Unemployment Update

March 2021

The County Unemployment Update is an overview of unemployment insurance initial claims for the counties in Kentucky that can be looked at by industry, gender, race, and age. Data for the prior week of UI Claims will be updated on a weekly basis to adhere to federal restrictions. Data in this dashboard are from the Program for Measuring Insured Unemployment Statistics.

Kentucky Works Program Dashboard

March 2021

This interactive dashboard provides insights on employment and educational outcomes with disaggregations by gender, race, and DCBS service region for participants in the Kentucky Works Program which is a part of the Kentucky Temporary Assistance Program.

Work Ready Communities

March 2021

A Kentucky Work Ready Community certification is a measure of a county's workforce quality. This interactive report helps communities assess their progress in achieving the Work Ready criteria.

Multi-State Postsecondary Report

March 2021

This interactive report connects postsecondary graduates from Kentucky and Ohio with in-state and out-of-state employment outcomes. Users can explore the connection between employment outcomes associated with specific institutions, credential level, major earned, and state origin.